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About Us

Atmospheric scientists and software developers together

To reach our carbon offset goals, we need experts helping different-sized businesses, associations, foundations and other organizations in recognizing their own emission sources. This does not mean that everyone needs a degree in atmospheric science to do carbon calculations, rather that this is where automation steps in to help.

Our Story

The CarbonLink story starts in 2021 when a group of atmospheric scientists were thinking about possible solutions to the climate crisis. Together with data engineers they created a cloud-based solution available to anyone. The aim of the service was to create an easy way to use already existing data to assist in the calculations.

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CarbonLink founders include atmospheric scientists who work as advisors for our company. The aim of our company is to do carbon calculations with good scientific grounds and modern methods.

Markku Kulmala

Academic, Professor of Aerosol and Environmental Physics, Founder

Tuukka Petäjä

Professor of Aerosol and Environmental Physics, Founder

Sami Paatero 


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