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Automated carbon footprint calculations based on financial data. Find out your organization's emissions easily.

The carbon footprint calculator has been integrated with Netvisor, Oracle Netsuite, Procountor and Administer.

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Towards a carbon neutral society 2035

It will be very hard to reach the carbon neutrality goals the world needs unless we have good, trustworthy tools to measure them. While sustainability and carbon neutrality are global trends, practical means are yet rare.

The CarbonLink service enables calculating an organization’s carbon footprint and including the parts that are often overlooked.

Calculations in real-time

Carbon calculations happen in real time when the data arrives. You can continuously monitor the carbon footprint as it develops.

Utilizes financial data

CarbonLink analyzes and categorizes the carbon footprint of a company based on financial invoice information.

Scientific background

The carbon footprint calculator is based on researched information and is constantly developing as carbon calculation develops.


Effective accountability reporting requires up-to-date accurate information to be readily available. With the CarbonLink automated carbon calculator, carbon calculation can be integrated as an everyday part of an organization’s activities.

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Real-time calculations

CarbonLink has created a carbon footprint calculator for organizations that utilizes financial management data and is easily usable by each organization.

By utilizing the calculator data, you can also calculate indirect (scope 3) emissions. Accurately calculating the carbon emissions of an organization automatically is possible with ease.

Real-time feed. Surveillance in real-time can be already done on most financial management systems.

Calculate your carbon footprint based on financial data. Ask more about our complete, ready and automated integrations.

Financial Management Operator

Ask us about cooperation. We will research the opportunities to integrate directly with your product.

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