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Carbon Footprint From Financial Data

Technical implementation

Cloud-based Service

CarbonLink is an entirely cloud-based system, scaling according to the clients’ needs. Using CarbonLink is done through a private user interface. You login into the service, engage the interfaces and begin the calculation process. Calculating historical data is also possible, so calculating and evaluating the data from e.g. the last three years is possible, as long as the same financial data management system has been in use for the period in question.


We are constantly expanding our service to new systems. Currently we operate in Netvisor, Procountor, Oracle Netsuite and Administer. Carbon calculation is also possible through the M2 travel and cost management system. More interfaces will be available once the pilot testing has been finished.


Our service interface also supports integrations where the data is brought to us for calculation and the results are sent into the organization’s own BI system for visualization, or for observation in our own user interface. If this sounds good, contact us!

Information Security

Information security is important, and since we handle financial data, we’re extra-careful to not include personal data in the carbon calculations. The system does not handle personal information; instead we only utilize electronic invoice data, information on services and products bought, and accounting information.

Logging into the service is done with the client organization’s own Google or Microsoft account. Single sign-on (SSO) supports the information security requirements of your own organization, e.g. multi-factor authentication, and keeps access well in the control of the organization’s own access control environment and personnel.

Visualizations and Categorizations

Our service visualizes and categorizes an organization’s carbon footprint. The visualizations help in interpreting what building blocks make up your carbon footprint. In our services, the carbon footprint can also be downloaded as a chart for further review. CarbonLink can also automatically send data to the PowerBi service.

Carbon footprint calculation

When the financial data contains sufficiently accurate information about the nature of the service purchased, the services used or the quantities of the product, it is possible to calculate an accurate activity-based carbon footprint based on the financial data. Good examples are e.g. electricity and water consumption, flights and kilometers driven.

If the calculation data more general in nature, the carbon footprint can be calculated using the euro-based averaged coefficients of different industries and activities based on good science and research.

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