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CarbonLink Carbon Calculator

How does the carbon calculator work and what kind of opportunities does it offer? If you have any open questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at

CarbonLink visualizes emissions

Our financial data-based calculator enables a broad scope of reporting on different categories, cost centers and accounts. Visual charts can be selected from a specific timeframe. Classification can be utilized to instantly recognize the sectors and activities in an organization that require attention, when planning on cutting the emissions the organization creates.

Helps with reporting mandatory emissions

The EU ESG-reporting requirement (CSRD) will become mandatory for different organizations in several phases, first of which is set to be in effect from 2024. The CarbonLink service is the answer for carbon calculation requirements, providing an easy way to report on emissions. 

CarbonLink (5).png

Take a deep-dive into carbon emissions and utilize the results 

CarbonLink works on interfaces (API), where data is imported from financial data management services. Our algorithm identifies and categorizes products and services from electronic invoices by utilizing word clouds. It then calculates and shows carbon emissions based on the data retrieved and processed. 

The science behind the product

The founders and owners of CarbonLink include several atmospheric scientists who have been integral in developing the algorithm.  We utilize both domestic and international research in our carbon data. Our sources include data from the University of Helsinki, the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and data from GHG Protocol.

Image by USGS

I am involved in CarbonLink's operations as a founder and advisor. It is vital that climate impacts are assessed in a comprehensive manner and based on science. It is the nature of science that methods are constantly evolving. CarbonLink's tools enable almost real-time monitoring of companies' climate impacts. This can be used to minimize the environmental impact of the company's operations.

-Professor Tuukka Petäjä, Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research INAR / Physics

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