Automated carbon footprint service for organizations

CarbonLink company specializes in calculating carbon footprints and is supported by atmospheric scientists from Helsinki University. We provide reliable, science based footprint calculations that help organizations toward a carbon neutral society. Our goal is to make carbon footprint calculation an effortless part of organizations' activity.

Toward a carbon neutral society 2035

It can be difficult to reach the global carbon neutrality goals without cooperation. Although sustainability and carbon neutrality are global trends, there is lack of concrete actions to reach those goals. CarbonLink service shows the carbon footprint from parts company activity that are often ignored. It is easier to improve the footprint when the mechanisms behind them are understood.

From financial data to climate action

We utilize the financial data already within organizations, allowing the carbon footprint to be calculated with minimum of extra work. You might be making your first footprint calculation or an old hand. Our service supports many calculation methotologies already in use including all company activities. We are supported by world's most renown atmospheric scientists who verify our reliability and scientific background.

Product information

CarbonLink will bring to market the first carbon footprint service for all kinds of organizations.

CarbonLink calculates the footprint based on financial data. A comprehensive carbon footprint is based directly on organization's invoice and claims data.

Our speciality is following the carbon footprint in real time. CarbonLink calculates the emissions immediately after every invoice.

  1. Easy way to follow your carbon footprint

    Analyzes and categorizes organization activities based on invoice data

  2. Steers the organization toward more sustainable choices

    Makes it easier to oversee the results from climate policies

  3. Based on research

    The calculations improve constantly as new scientific information is found

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About us

Merli Juustila CEO, founder
  • Atmospheric sciences and aerosol physics
  • Carbon footprint and lifecycle calculation
  • Sustainable leadership
  • Sales and comms
  • Roleplayer
Tomi Hukkalainen CIO, founder
  • Full stack software architect
  • Clouds (not atmospheric)
  • Agile methods
  • Lego-architect
  • Octonaut mechanic
Jussi Mononen CTO, founder
  • Problem solver
  • Business technology translator
  • Lifetime novice of rock climbing
  • Full stack software architect
  • Football romantic
Markku Kulmala prof, founder
Tuukka Petäjä prof, founder
Sami Paatero founder

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